​​Services Offered.

The size of our team and our expertise, allows us to accomplish absolutely any service you require and provide you with full satisfaction of the work performed.

Located in Claysburg serving Claysburg and surrounding areas, we serve 5 counties: Blair, Cambria, Center, Huntingdon, and Bedford 

Complete kitchen Renovations

Whether it is a comfortable and relaxed gathering spot for your family or a light and airy private sanctuary that doubles as a home office, your kitchen today has become a focal point in today's homes.We build custom kitchens and spaces. let us build your dream kitchen, or if you need adjustments or a full overhaul, call us to schedule an appointment to see what we can build for you. 

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Wheather you have a family get together, party or just need assistance, call Lisa. We Specialize in all domestic cleaning. Everything from floors, walls, yards, and windows.We have the equipment to do High work, as well. We have over 30 years combined experience. We know what we're doing, and we do the job right. Lisa does the job right, and you will be very satisfied with the level of deep cleaning she and her team when she's done.

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Natural Dome home living.

Natural Dome homes are the homes of the future, Natural Domes are Built to sustain 200 mph winds with almost zero damage. an actual healthy home free from toxins, and a lower energy cost to heat, cool, and operate than a conventional home today. we can build yours in a quarter of the time it takes to build a conventional home with 60% less wood being used.also withstand extreme weather conditions and earthquakes. Click the picture to learn more about them.
These homes are beautiful, sturdy, and will last for generations.

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Interior, and Exterior painting.

Residential & Commercial painting services, and guarantees expert distinctive painting work that will add beauty and a fresh new look to your home or business. We have over 25 years painting experience. Painting is an art, and we know how to do it right.
" Good work isn't cheap, and cheap work Isn't good".

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Home Inspections.

Our priority is the highest level of service to the client. this is the most important thing you can do when buying a home. many lenders today will demand a home inspection. all of our inspectors have at least 25 years experience in building and/ or inspecting homes.
We do what the others don't, and find things the others miss. Trust us to do it right. it's the most important thing. If it's not caught before you sign the paperwork, you may not be able to go back to get it fixed by the seller after you purchase the home.

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Power washing, and cleaning.

Professional power washing, exterior cleaning, and restoration services. Power washing, also known as pressure washing involves using a high volume of water to clean dirt and residue from the exterior of your home or business. We actually scrub the surfaces to ensure a proper clean. Every square ft of your home is covered and cleaned properly.

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One of the most important things you can add to your home is concrete. It is great for enduring many years and heavy loads. it greatly enhances your curb appeal. it also enhances the value of your home.
We do beautiful finish work and crisp edges. "Absolutely gorgeous" Work.

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Landscaping, and Hardscaping.

Through years of experience in design and construction, we have created a wide variety of beautiful landscapes. We believe that working with the client's input and our experience, and with our artistic design abilities, We can create your dream yard for you to enjoy all the time.  

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Custom Stone, and Hardscapes.

Our years of experience in custom masonry, stone, excavation, and hardscaping, and landscaping projects allows the use of our creative imagination, and choices we recommend, as well as yours to create and complete a professional design. It will add elegance and beauty, as well as value to your home for years to come!  Call and see.

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Handyman Services.

We provide professional Handyman services, specializing in small handyman jobs at home or in your office. no job is too small for us. just call. Also,  We offer 24 hr Emergency Service Easy, fast and efficient! 

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Fencing, and Custom fencing styles.

We offer a wide variety of fence styles for your home, including wood, aluminum, chain link, PVC, pool fencing and more. We have samples with us to show you so call.  Talk to Lisa @ 814-710-7829.

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Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal can be very tricky and a delicate process. you want to get it all off, but you also don't want to use so much pressure or chemicals that the underlying wall is damaged. Trusting this job to just anyone, is not a smart move. and to fix it right, will cost you.

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Driveway patch & Sealcoating.

Whether you are repairing a crack, patching a driveway, or completely repaving it, we can fix, and complete any driveway repairs that you may need. We recommend that you seal your driveway every 3 yrs to maintain it.

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 Rain Gutter Systems.
Improperly maintained gutters are responsible for the majority of roof damage I see in my work. clogged gutters over time will cost you big time, and the repairs are very expensive.
We offer Our Standard Gutter & downspout cleaning services and repairs that are designed to ensure that you have proper pitch and run for the drainage. Our team makes sure all loose debris and dirt from both flat and sloped roof areas, all rain gutters are cleaned by a pressure washer and rinsed clean with water.
We also recommend gutter guard to keep all the debris out for good.  

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Electrical Services.

We use only Master electricians certified in the latest building codes today, and all work is permitted and inspected to ensure your total peace of mind for you, and the ones you love. We know what we're doing, and you can trust us to do it right. 
​Electrical work is very serious, and should only be done by Licenced, and Certified people who know what they are doing.  We do!

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Our Master plumbers provide quality craftsmanship at a competitive price. we provide plumbing service for all your house needs, as well as commercial applications. we also provide emergency service.
Help is only a phone call away. 

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​​ Mold Remediation

​​ We make homes, schools, and businesses safer by removing the mold and preventing it from coming back. Our professionally trained, licensed and certified mold removal specialists can identify and classify biological toxins that can cause multiple public health hazards and can make you sick.
Children and the elderly are more at risk to develop respiratory issues and health concerns.

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​Lead Base Paint Abatement & Removal Services

For more the over 25 years M.R Sawyer General Contractors has fostered a team of highly skilled environmental abatement professionals, our people are our foundation of our success and the key to our continued growth in the future. At M.R Sawyer General Contractors, we are dedicated to continuously improving our work safety practices within a supportive and team-oriented business culture, which is why we have some of the highest employee retention levels in the industry. 

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​​ ​M.R Sawyer Environmental Services and Abatement

Asbestos is a carcinogen that can reside in building materials, such as flooring, insulation or old pipes. For many years, asbestos was commonly used in construction materials, shipyards, factory's, and just about everything else before scientists and doctors discovered its harmful effects on people. During the renovation procedure, asbestos fibers are released into the air and when breathed into the lungs, can cause cancer or other lung issues.
Asbestos is not to be taken lightly. 

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​Fire Restoration

​Water Restoration

​​ ​Storm Restoration

Few life events are more traumatic then a fire. Regardless of the extent of the damage, its stressfull and difficult to be forced out of your home, to wait for the restoration to occur. in the event of fire or smoke damage, it is critical to contact your home insurance provider immediately. prolonged exposure to smoke and water can cause further damage to your belongings. smoke residue will begin to infiltrate your home structure, causing odors which can linger without the help of a professional fire restoration service.
​Water damage is among the most common forms of disaster that homeowners experience. Most often it is caused by plumbing, or water heater failure. as soon as you observe flooding within your home, contact your insurance provider immediatly to receive expert restoration assistance, water damage is known as a progressive form of damage to your structure, and increase your risk of mold, and mildew.
​​​No amount of planning or preperation can protect your home from the effects of nature. Wind storms can strike anytime of the year, and the damage from tornadoes, windstorms, hail, or other natural events can range from minor to servere. Whether you've sufferd minor damage to your roof, or total destruction of you're family's home. obtaining immediate assistance is crucial to prevent more damage to the interior of you're home.

​​ Gas piping and installation

​M.R Sawyer has over 25 years of experience in plumbing, heating and gas piping services. Safety and quality are most inportant to us, Propane emits 24% less C02 into the atmosphere then oil, per gallon burned, 1 gallon of propane contains 91,000 BTUs, 1 gallon of oil contains 139,000 BTUs.

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HVAC install and repair

Nobody wants to have a cold home during the winter, if you are having furnance problems, its best to fix it right away, by calling M.R Sawyer Ganeral Contractors, your HVAC problems can be resolved, no matter what time of day, our 24 hour emergency service means repairs of your furnance, boiler heating system or air conditioner are one phone call away.

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​Closed Cell & Open Cell Insulation

M.R Sawyer is a professional contractor with over 25 years of experience, M.R Sawyer prides itself on being a complete insulation contractor. We provide cellulose, fiberglass and spray foam insulation. Our staff also understands that each home has unique needs and therefore needs to be approached differently when planning a proper installation plan.

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