Our Expert Plumbers provide fast, friendly and reliable plumbing service for everything from routine leaks and drips, to more intensive problems like pipe, fixture and drain repair.

​Our licensed and insured team has experience of all types of drain and pipe issues, from leaking water heaters to burst pipes. We offer 24-Hour emergency service response.

​If your plumbing system is in need of repairs, our professional plumbing repair crew can bring back your flow, we respond quickly and efficently. preventing further damage and further repairs, from small quick fixes to large scale jobs, our courteous crew has years of experience dealing with all kinds of repairs and maintenance. We dont settle for anything less then your total satiafaction. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

​Whenever something related happens that you can't handle, that's where we step in. We are experts in the technical aspect of fixing and repairing plumbing issuess that go beyond your average logic solving skills. Anytime you need a professional to fix a problem you don't have the equipment or expertise for, we are the people to call. Every modern building has a plumbing infrastructure with multiple pipes, elbows, solderd joints, valves, pressure gauge and drainage systems connected.

​Don't leave thease things to chance, if you find something has gone awry, the plumbing system in any home or commercial building is designed to withstand a lot, but when something is weekend, it can cause a cascading effect on the entire system if not repaired right away.

​​Our services

.Plumbing repair and installation 

.Sewer and drain cleaning

.Sewer replacement

.Bathroom plumbing 

.Kitchen and Bathroom parts & fixtures 

.Fixture installation 

.Leaky pipes and faucet repairs 

.Kitchen plumbing

.Water heating

.Conventional water heaters 

.Hybrid / tankless water heaters

.Water lines

.Gas lines and gas piping

.Drain lines

.Garbage disposal 

.Shut off valves

.Backflow testing

.Backflow prevention installation 

.Sump pumps

.Maitnence agreements 

Located in Claysburg serving Claysburg and surrounding areas, we serve 5 counties: Blair, Cambria, Center, Huntingdon, and Bedford.