When dealing with mold, and indoor air quality and water damage cleanup, you want to employ a professional company that will do the job right the first time. Your family's health is too important to put at risk, and exposure to mold or poor air quality can cause a wide range of medical issues that may take a long time to manifest the symptoms that being in that environment will produce. Mold is no joke, and it can kill you.!   

At M.R Sawyer General Contractors, we have the experience and the knowledge to fix these problems quickly, Professionally, and get the problem taken care of with the minimum of disruption to your lives.

The company is owned by Malcolm R. Sawyer Sr, who with over 25 years experience in the industry has seen, and dealt with every potential problem, and the situations many times over in this field. we constantly keep up to date with the lastest technology to find it, and destroy it. 
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Located in Claysburg serving Claysburg and surrounding areas, we serve 5 counties: Blair, Cambria, Center, Huntingdon, and Bedford.