Just the Beginning at Dome School 

In 2017, M R Sawyer General Contractors will start offering GEODESIC DOME HOME LIVING. We are branching out to offer dome home building for our customers anywhere in the U.S. 

Here are some facts that you should know before buying your next home.

Energy Efficiency: Dome homes have always been based on maximizing energy and resource efficiency. Dome homes provide energy efficiency levels that other houses won't have to meet until 2025.

Our dome homes: Will Feature R-Values 60 to 70 with walls that are between 18" to 21" thick. Using dome kit technology, we envision cutting energy usage by 50 to 75%. In some instance, our goal is to reduce air conditioning cost to Zero!

Sustainability: Geodesic Dome home kits offer components from sustainable sources and products that minimize toxins, creating an interior living space that promotes the health of your family. Dome homes also lower building cost by using 60% less building materials than a standard box house. We will be selling dome kits with systems that include solar heating, solar hot water wind power, and methane gas digesters.

Domes are uniquely designed for extremely high winds and earthquakes. Domes have gone through tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes ( the earthquakes in Chile ) with minimal surface damage. The difference is in the aerodynamic shape of domes, their well-engineered connection system, and our site-specific experienced structural engineering, employing standards beyond the basic building codes that currently exist today.

M R Sawyer General Contractors is honored to be involved with a new community committed to energy efficiency, sustainability, and healthy living on the Cheyenne Indian Reservation in South Dakota . We went to the reservation this summer and erected a 36' low profile Geodesic Dome that will serve as a community and healing center for that community.

We are excited to go back in the spring to Ft Yates, N.D. to build a health clinic that is desperately needed for the people of that community.

You can contact us to answer any questions about dome homes in general or your specific ideas about your own Dome home design. 

Located in Claysburg serving Claysburg and surrounding areas, we serve 5 counties: Blair, Cambria, Center, Huntingdon, and Bedford.

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