​​For most people, the natural first question is the cost diffrence between fuels in general, propane and oil prices fluctuate unpredictably, with propane tending to cost anywhere from the same to twice as much as oil per BTU. The lack of a clear choice based on fuelcost suggets that a border analysis of each fuelspros and cons is a better way to arrive at an informed decision about the best fuel for you.

Propane is a clean, safe and efficent source of energy that can be used throughout your home or buisness for all your heating, cooking, backup power and transportation needs.

​Propane is an extremely clean energy source that gives off less than half of greenhouse gases that electricity does, considering that more than half the nation's electricity is produced by coal-fired power plants. Propane gives builders points ubder green building programs such as the National Green Building Standard and LEED for homes. Rebates and other incentives are often available at both the state and federal level for propane powerd homes.

​Energy cost Will Be reduced significantly with propane relative to electricity. A home or business with all propane appliances can see a reduction in annual operating costs of as much as 50%, versus an all electric home.

​Propane is nontoxic and is not harmful to soil or water if accidentally released. Because propane is compressed as a liquid, with a chemical odorant added to help detect leaks, it is safely transported and stored until it is used in its gas form. All installation and service personnel are trained and licensed through state and company training programs.

​Propane provides an environmentally friendly and cost efficient fuel for powering all your residential needs such as home heating, water heating, Fireplaces and log inserts, Pool and spa heating and much more.

​M.R Sawyer has been in business for over 25 years, in the plumbing and heating industry you want an experienced professional who will do the job right with pride, with dedication. We are a dedicated team of professionals who pride ourselves in providing the most current technologies, the most dedication to our profession and above all else, the best customer service in Claysburg,PA and surrounding areas!

​Enjoy the comfort and ambiance of a crackling fire on a cold winter's night. We install fireplaces and Gas Fireplace inserts. Dont worry about having a chimney, you dont need one! The fireplace will be properly vented out the side of the house once the fireplace is installled, you just flip the switch to start a roaring fire!

​It's pretty hard to beat a crackling wood fire on a chilly night. However modern gas fireplace come pretty close, without their drawbacks of wood! Not only does gas burn much cleaner, making it a better choice for the environment, but there are no messy logs to carry through the house or ashes to clean out. Lighting the fire is as simple as flicking a switch or turning a valve.

​Building a new home is complicated endeavor that is compounded by the various elements that each individual task requires, such as the cost for plumbing or heating a home. This is completely separate from the framing, installing tile on floors, and is thus normally bid out separtely. Let us know if you would like an estimate.

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