M.R Sawyer has over 25 years of professional experience, we pride ourselves on being a complete instulation contractor, we understand that each home has unique needs and therefore needs to be approached differently when planning a proper insulation plan.

We use only the best insulation materials including open and closed cell spray foam, blown and dance- packed cellulose, Ure – K and K – 13 acoustical insulation ( sound damping and control ), blown and dense - packed fiberglass, polyMaster R501 block fill or core fill Masonry injection foam, self adhered, fluid applied, and spray foam air barrier systems. We also install combinations of these materials to create a custom insulation solution for example, we might air seal and insulate on top of attic drywall with cell spray foam and then blow Fiberglass, or cellulose, over the top of the spray applied foam to increase the R-Value in an economical way.
M.R Sawyer General Contractors specialize in the application of open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation and residential (Construction & Retrofit ), commercial, industrial, and agriculture buildings. Our installation crews are professionally trained and certified, we also offer a variety of thermal insulation services utilizing Fiberglass and Cellulous products. Our service area extends throughout Claysburg PA and surrounding areas as well as a multitude of different cities throughout Central PA and Maryland.

Stopping the flow of air from leaving living space using closed or open cell spray foam is the most important part of insulating a home. In order to start building r-value, the blocks of your home where your walls meet your attic floor have to be sealed. In most situations closed-cell spray foam is the clear winner. Compared to open- cell foam, closed-cell is much more dense and is way more ridged than open cell. Closed cell foam also blocks moisture from coming through the air penetrations, which in most cases is a good thing unless there is a place for water to pool. Open cell foam is typically R- 3.5 - R- 4.0 per inch and seals walls entirely. Closed cell foam is typically R- 6.0- R- 6.5 ( aged ) and seals walls entirely, so why even bother with open cell foam if closed cell foam insulates so much better? Open cell foam lends itself to applications where space is not limited, like in an attic. However the real reason for using one over the other is vapor. Vapor is the microscopic droplets of water in the air all around you. Closed cell stops vapor transmission which is good, and certain circumstances. In other circumstances you want vapor to be able to "escape"any cavities such as your walls. If you are thinking "well if i seal it with closed cell foam vapor will not get in there to begin with." You are wrong. We are speaking of microscopic moisture. The stuff you exhale, the stream off your spaghetti noodles and the humidity of weather man talks about. Have you ever seen a fogged up piece of glass on a window where the fog is trapped between the paines? If moisture can get in there it can get into your wall. Please don't trap the humidity in their because that wood in your wall to keep your house standing in the upright position for years to come.

For professional open cell & closed cell foam insulation in Claysburg PA and surrounding areas, turn to the experts at M.R Sawyer General Contractors, call us today for a free estimate at a competitive price, we take pride in our work, "Good work starts with hiring the right contractor to do your insulation"

​Located in Claysburg serving Claysburg and surrounding areas, we serve 5 counties: Blair, Cambria, Huntingdon, and Bedford.